“Ma Folie” – the movie coming out March 27, 2015

At long last, the movie we are in, Ma Folie, is going to be released in Europe on March 27, 2015. We are very excited to see how it turns out! Ma Folie – the movie

Time of the Season

Well, it’s been a while and yes! We have almost no news to announce except that 2/5 of the Paramount Styles team is very excited that Belgium beat the US in this round of the world cup. Finally, the Belgians will have their say and their triumphs. Congratulations and good luck with Argentina! It is also the day before the […]

Paramount Styles in Dortmund

The chief is doing a solo show in Dortmund, Germany at the Klub Dortmund with Andreas Kaling on January 31. Not many shows to date in Germany so it should be cool to explore this newish territory (not new if you are a barbarian or a roman or even some Paleolithic megalodon but whatever…alles gehts gut.)

Solo shows in October

Chief is hitting the road to get up to Prague to wrap up the latest recordings. We recorded about 6 new songs bringing the total to 13. Lucky 13. Hopefully we’ll have something out next year.

Getting it Together Slooooowly

We are getting things together at PS Rockers Central… as we do, our other band will be over in Europe playing some shows which look like they are going to be pretty damn enjoyable. Girls Against Boys MAY 2 THU Krems, AT @ Donau Festival MAY 03 FRI Amsterdam, NL @ Bitterzoet MAY 04 SAT Utrecht, NL@ Ekko MAY 05 […]

What’s New, Pussycat?

Well, it’s funny you should mention it… we are working on things here and there. We’ve got a number of songs in the works though they need that little extra something. Soon, though, soon! And also, our band Girls Against Boys from our past lives will be playing some shows in Europe this summer. Here’s the current schedule, should you […]

Paramount Styles at Boskovice Festival

Well, you heard here first… or second… or third… or you just heard it somewhere and now you’re hearing it again. Hear this: Paramount Styles is playing on Friday, July 6 at the Boskovice Festival in the Czech Republic. Fly, Swim, Walk, Run, Ride a Bike, Hitch a Ride (careful of psychos or carfull of psychos, it’s up to you), […]

Blinky Midnight heads to Greece 17 May 2012

Oh Greece…We can’t quit you! Scott is heading to Greece to play a show with False Alarm and the reformed Bokomolech… maybe not reformed, but certainly absent for a while. Their first record Xero (1996) is considered by many to be one of the best Greek english spoken rock records ever. It should be pretty cool to see them and […]

Not one Iota in Murska Sobota

Today is the last show of this magical mystery tour and we are heading to Murska Sobota to play in “an old castle.” We’ve played here before and we were very excited to play a castle. It is, however, not really a castle. More like a big government building or perhaps someone’s big ass house at some point. Or a […]

Zagreb, Do or Die! or Wait! or Die Waiting!

So, today I’m not going to take it: I’m getting up, I’m walking around and seeing some stuff. I don’t care if it’s a plastic baby jesus wearing mickey mouse ears and advising me to “take a trip to Tripoli!” Ljubljana is a very nice little town, at least the old part, and from what I can see, which is […]