The Road to the Boat

Well, we are getting ready to head to Paris in a few days. We are now playing on this cool boat in the Seine called le Petit Bain. It should be pretty nice-Paris, the Seine, baguettes, fromage. Come on, it’s France! Maybe next time we’ll play at Divan du Monde up near Montmartre but not this time. What’s not to like? Well, I’ll tell ya – this:
We are once again unable to make it to the UK due to some unforeseen circumstances. We are gutted like I’m sure you all are. I can feel your guttiness from over here. It takes guts to say we are gutted that we have gutted the UK guts of our fabulous journey. Why? well, many reasons, none of which are very good. Sooo, we can only say we are really sorry and hope to get there soon. But hey, this could be a great reason to take a vacation in Spain!
Allow me to tell you about Spain! We have 3 shows there including Barcelona, Valencia and Vitoria. Now I know you are thinking, “but the weather here in England is so great right now!” You could be right, depending on the minute you are reading this… however, no one in their right mind would disagree with your newfound yearning to have a nice little vacation in Spain. Ryan air is practically pleading with you to do it (taxes and surcharges extraâ„¢).
So, I hope all of you english citizens will forgive us for not gracing your beautiful shores this time. We hope to get there one day, perhaps with the help of Neptune or Fortuna or David Cameron.

ps-my favorite overheard line of the day: “what’s that british air company called?” “British Airways?” “Yeah, that’s the one.”


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