Ondrej the Master

We are in Jamor Studio with Ondrej and we are watching his handiwork. His small studio is crammed with tons of great little instruments and things that go “whirrrr.” On top of it, there’s a backyard where you can contemplate life. These are all the necessary ingredients for a successful experience bleating out some catchphrases about life and luxury. You know how it is.

Paramount Styles in the Studio forever

We’ve been in and out of the studio in Prague for a while now. Things are slow but that’s ok, we’re taking it slow. Slow and steady wins the race or at least finishes it. Well, hopefully. We are working on and off at our friend Ondrej’s studio – Jamor Studio – in Prague. He’s a great guy and has worked on my fascinating projects.

Time of the Season

Well, it’s been a while and yes! We have almost no news to announce except that 2/5 of the Paramount Styles team is very excited that Belgium beat the US in this round of the world cup. Finally, the Belgians will have their say and their triumphs. Congratulations and good luck with Argentina! It is also the day before the 4th of July so despite the US being eliminated, we will still celebrate. The Chief has vowed to continue his journey towards musical completion of the masterworks put on 2″ tape in Prague. Child rearing has taken its toll on the productivity of the unit but we have high hopes of forging on. We hope you are all having a great summer or winter depending on where you are and please… stay calm and collected.


Getting it Together Slooooowly

We are getting things together at PS Rockers Central… as we do, our other band will be over in Europe playing some shows which look like they are going to be pretty damn enjoyable.

Girls Against Boys

MAY 2 THU Krems, AT @ Donau Festival
MAY 03 FRI Amsterdam, NL @ Bitterzoet
MAY 04 SAT Utrecht, NL@ Ekko
MAY 05 SUN Brussels, BE @ Nuits Botanique Festival
MAY 10 FRI Lyon, FR @ Nuits Sonores Festival
MAY 11 SAT Milano, IT @ Bloom
MAY 12 SUN Bologna, IT @ Locomotiv
MAY 14 TUE Paris, FR @ Nouveau Casino
MAY 15 WED Caen, FR @ Big Band Cafe
MAY 16 THU Bordeaux, FR @ Le BT59
MAY 17 FRI Clermont-Ferrand, FR @ La Coope Club
MAY 18 SAT La Rochelle, FR @ La Sirene
MAY 19 SUN Toulouse, FR @ Le Dynamo

July 18 Colours of Ostrava, CZ

August 2 Off! Festival, Katowice, Poland