‪Cross the border to Piešťany

Today we go to ‪Piešťany‬, our very first time in Slovakia, which excites us to no end because we can brag about it to anyone who will listen. Anyone listening? Hello? We are playing in another jazz club which is fantastic because it could mean we will be treated well again. Damn, from now on we are a jazz band. Jazzy. With Jazz hands. Why not?
So ‪PieÅ¡Å¥any? Now we are talking old-first settled, oh, 80,000 years ago and famous for its hot springs and spas. The Venus of Moravany, a statuette of a female torso, was discovered here and is dated to about 22,800BC. Now that is old. The club is cool though ‬I feel that I’ve been somehow transported back to the film set of “Death in Venice” because everyone is nicely dressed and there’s a strange feeling of something weird about to happen. Perhaps my death? Everyone is sick so that would make sense. Anyway, there’s some strange business going on with us not rigidly conforming to the bartenders strict schedule but we’ll make it through. He takes an instant liking to Katka which forces him to be pleasant to us, even going so far as to say, “Anything you need, just ask.” Wow. Cool! It is short lived since I go to the bar 5 minutes later to ask for a beer and he says, “3 Euros!” Uh, I’m in the band…errr… “Sorry, too late-you have to tell me you are a musician before you order.” Hey, buddy, what about that little touchy feely exchange we had 7 minutes ago? Whatever. Beer me.

2 thoughts on “‪Cross the border to PieÅ¡Å¥any”

  1. Nice photos. I hope you liked my hometown Piestany. Next time you will be here you will get one free beer from me 🙂

    1. Excellent! Yes, it is a beautiful town-especially the main square and that clock. Nice work!

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