Back in Prague

Today is our triumphant return to Prague, one of my favoritest cities in the world. We awake late after apparently ruining our hosts marriage and hit the road. No time for sightseeing because of some late sleepers and who cares? It’s not like we don’t come to Broumov all the time, you know? Apparently the oldest mission in the Czech Republic is here but I guess I’ll just have to take that on faith. We do have time to stop for lunch at a mexican restaurant…wow.
Today’s drive should be nice, since we will be seeing some Czech countryside and arriving in Prague. There are 2 problems with this: 1. nightfall is at 4 or something and 2. Everywhere we go there is fog. Everyday in every country, so you really can’t see anything but fog and some silhouettes of trees 10 meters away at the most. The rest is just one big Stephen King story.
Tonight’s show features Pinback and we are all pretty excited to see them as well as Adam and the Silver Rocket people. There are some serious difficulties getting the sound check done – they have tons of computers and in ear monitors and so on so it means setting up takes some time. We wind up getting on stage after the doors are open and sit on stage twiddling our knobs in front of the entire audience who are confused about how any band could be so boring. But everything is fine and the show goes off with nary a hitch – we even get an encore, which is rare when you are supporting a band. Pinback plays and they are great and fun to watch, especially from our side of the stage cat seat. Not bad, should do this band thing more often.
The rest is hazy-Adam, local herb infused schnapps and so on…you know the story.

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  1. Hallo, how you are doing people? Dont worry, our marriage ist safe and happy 🙂 Your fan and Broumov host African man”

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