Bordeaux Bordello

We say adieu to Vitoria after a nice morning stroll around the city and some last minute food and coffee searches. It’s a very pretty town and the weather is perfect. Seems like a good day to head to France.
Bordeaux is our destination today and we are looking forward to being stopped by french customs as it is their usual habit to stop you far from the border right after you pay one of the endless tolls. Toll roads in France are pretty amazing-the roads are great but, boy, do you pay for it. One 15km stretch of road cost us about 27 euros. It must cost millions to actually make the roads so I suppose it’s a fair trade off. Still, it discourages you from driving and creating more CO2-make less CO2? Come on, isn’t that why we were put on this little blue marble?
Luckily, no legal clampdown at any toll booth occurs and we arrive in the center of a big square in Bordeaux in front of a 14th century tower. I feel I can claim, with very little proof to back it up, that Bordeaux is singularly remarkable for it’s buttery, yellow stone. Almost everything is made in this color and the sun strikes it just in the right way to make the town feel warm and almost tropical. It’s probably because of this that so many crusties with their army of leashed hell hounds inhabit the town squares.
The show promises to be a weird one – there’s us, a r&b band called the Excitements, and a english cover band called Eddie and the Hotrods. The stage is situated well, right in front of the tower, but there are tons of people here and it all seems pretty chaotic. We get some good laughs during the quiet parts of some songs when one of the canine army corps that some drunk crusties have installed directly next to the stage began an all out barking, fighting melee. And a human fight breaks on stage left, so the conflict is in stereo. Good: I hate to have a Paramount Styles show without a fight. It’s been way too long.

Vitoria le vieux
In Lights!
Bell Tower
Bordeaux Bordelle
Eddie & the Hotrods
Tower of Power
I will

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