České Budějovice-Nice to Meet Ya

After spending a nice morning/afternoon in one of our favorite cities in the entire world, Prague, we head to a town called České Budějovice. Tonight’s show is going to be interesting since we are following a showing of a film about stoning women in Iran. There will be a lot of long faces and a lot of beer drowning sorrows and then…uh…let’s…uh…rock? Do you mind?
Jaroslav and the entire crew at bar treat us like complete human beings! České Budějovice is the czech town which in german would be Budweis… you heard it right! Budweis-you might have heard about an american beer with that name. Well the Czech beer came first and I have no idea why we americans had a beer name that wasn’t original. I mean, couldn’t we call it CheeseburgerBeer or ApplePiePA or something?
The town is very pretty and I know because I saw it as we were driving out the next day after a pretty intense European vs. American Foosball game. Let’s just say we had the Europeans on the run by letting them win by only 15 points. To be fair, we walked through the beautiful town square at about 3 am-looked great and we got to stay in a cool little hostel in the old part of town. Can’t say I’m too proud of my touristic abilities these days.


Prague Does Trains Right

Train Station


Tough Town

Vintage Chris


Snow White


Brno Attacks!!

Chief calls the shots

Typical view

Smoke break


Poster du jour

Life in the streets

Night in the city

City Center

City Center part 2

Hit the Streets

Chief says

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