End of the Line

We got back to Vienna and say goodbye to everyone. Once again, we will disperse to our varies hideouts throughout the globe. Interestingly enough, another person going into hiding is Otto von Habsburg. He died July 4th and today there will be a massive funeral for him. His full name is impressive: Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius. Not bad at all-I’d like to see someone outdo that! He was the last in the line of Habsburgs, named Archduke Otto of Austria and before that the Crown Prince of Austria, when he was 4 until it was dissolved at age 6. Not to get all grandiose, but this is a family that goes all the way back to the 10th century and has a lot of big titles like “King of the Romans” and “Holy Roman Emperor” and “King of Bohemia/Hungary/Croatia/Spain/Portugal” etc. etc. etc. You can even throw Transylvania in there – see? got your attention. As an a citizen of a country with a pretty short history after colonization, this is an impressive historical moment.

Pomp and Circumstance
Wasabi cheese
Photo moment
Close Captioned.
Otto's Procession
Otto's Procession pt. 2
Otto's Procession pt. 3

2 thoughts on “End of the Line”

  1. hi scott
    great to see you have some live dates booked in for europe
    love the new CD – favourite tracks in no particular order are amsterdam again, the greatest, white palaces and girls of prague
    keep writing and playing – you are the best!

    1. Hey Graham
      I’m glad you like them! We will be working on some new ones shortly and we are looking forward to playing in Europe in a few weeks!

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