Paris-Le Petit Bain w/ Nickel Pressing and Cvantez

Well, today is the first day of this short little september Paramount Styles jaunt. Everyone is arriving from all over the world at the very last minute. This keeps things interesting and hopefully not extremely unprofessional. Paris may not be the best place to start this tour and work out the kinks, but hey, it’s not a major city or anything. And it’s Paris-the city of lights and men in blue and white striped shirts who ride bicycles while carrying baguettes. It’s a fantastic city to start in because it constantly defies boredom or ordinariness-it never ceases to amaze, this city.
Sadly, Simon is unable to join us on this tour because blah blah dragons plague smallpox economic crisis of the miserchordia. He will be sorely missed because a. he’s awesome and b. he’s quite fashionable and dapper. We will joined by the lovely and talented Katka from Brno, Czech. Watch out, the power is swinging wildly from Belgium pride to Czech Certitude. Wars have been waged over less.
We are playing in a new venue in a boat on the Seine called Le Petit Bain with 2 groups: Nickel Pressing and Cvantez. It should be fun and this boat is full of very nice people, exceptional design and no damn decibel police. My god, they are everywhere with their little meters saying “You’re too damn loud!” Is this a Quiet Riot video or something? We will persevere, especially since, for now, you can make noise on a boat with no neighbors to complain. I’m sure they will emerge soon enough.
And luckily, the boat is tucked away enough for most people to miss our, well, misses. There are some clams in this performance. We are making clam chowder!

Where's Degas now?
Getting there in style
Damn Vikings, they're back...
Coffee and mortality
Set List Bread Attack
Slow boat to Rock
Hits the stage
Danse et Chant

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