Antwerpen to Utrecht

Today we wake up in Simon’s amazing place in Antwerpen – it’s a massive loft that makes even a hardened New Yorker drool. Wait, that’s all New Yorkers do anyway: drool over real estate. It’s a New York malady. What can we do? We thirst. We hunger. Anyway, it was cool and we are off to meet up with Chris to get this “tour” started. It’s a massive 2 day 2 country tour-whirlwind, jetset, mind boggling. We are off to Utrecht and Simon has offered to drive us in his belgian chariot – though I’m pretty sure this car is japanese. Utrecht will be the first show and it will be exciting to hit the road again. We are playing with a band from Utrecht called Sideditch – a very nice bunch of fellas who daringly play with glow in the dark drumsticks on one song. What’s not to like? Sadly, the concert hall is pretty far outside of Utrecht so there’s not much chance to see the town for us map challenged alcohol chasers.

Touring Paramount Styles style
the Netherlands
Knows my name! whew!
Mr Styles
Design Alert!

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