Barcelona-Heliogabal w/ Lazy Juo

Today we have a long drive to Barcelona-home of sun, tapas, and iberico jamón. You can say, “come on with the jamón, ramon” if you want. People in Spain will think you are really funny. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’m positive it will make people laugh. Seriously, try it. Really. But don’t do it in Barcelona because they speak Catalan here and are liable to punch you in your fat face.
The trials of life and the hardships of this tour 4 days in have become too much for some members of the tight unit known as the Paramount Styles Attack Squad. It has, therefore, become virtually impossible to wake some of them up. I’m not naming names but let’s just say it rhymes with “Fasshole.” So, after some wrangling and some twisting and some harsh dialogue, we are on the road again. Heads clearing up, eyes opening, odors emanating, we are treated to yet another day of gazing at the beautiful french countryside. Whatever-seen it, been there, done it. Next! We arrive in Barcelona perfectly on time, like the well-oiled if not slightly over-lubricated machine that we are.
Il Gruppo di La Castanya treat us like stars-we play in Heliogabal in the Gracia district of Barcelona with Lazy Juo from St. Felieu and many people come out on a monday night. Thank you! We have managed to deceive our hosts into thinking that we deserve good food, nice friends and lots of alcohol. I’m terrified of their reaction when they discover the truth. Don’t let the truth set you free, Joan and Albert!

Dead Man
Leads me
Hungryman dinner
Wine me!
Saucy Town
French Countryside
Hand of Fate
Cartell de la Jornada
Lazy Juo

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