Nantes at Le Violon Dingue

Our stay in Le Havre was successful in that we did not get sucked into a fight with the angry bald guy from the night before. Treated to cocktails chez JP and some conversation about stuff and stuff and some angry stares from our hotel patron because of our rather late arrival, the hotel exacts their revenge by commencing a full on barrage of sawing, hammering and smashing the room next to us at 9 am. The experience of awaking to the sounds of screaming saws cutting through steel and sledge hammers on concrete is alarming, to say the least. I could imagine the same feeling if I put my head in a metal cylinder and rolled down a mountain of stacked, rusting shopping carts. Actually, it was quite funny, especially in retrospect. We calmed our nerves with the hospitality of Manu at his little house up in the hill. Hey, not a bad ending! Bread, coffee and sunshine. Did I mention it was really sunny and beautiful? A nice change from the constant rain of the entire year.
Then, after a grueling, hard fought day of driving through the french countryside – forced to look at the sea, cows, a bunch of trees and a whole lot of green stuff, we claw our way into the civilized and, yes, again, beautiful city of Nantes. We pass Mont St. Michel, which, if you’ve never been there, is one amazing sight. We see it, both 20 km away, and in the Mont St. Michel Rest Stop/Gas Station. That’s as close as we’ll get. Oh and Happy 1100th birthday, Normandy! What do you get for your 1100th birthday? I have no idea-don’t you have everything already?
One of the great, fantastic things about being an unknown band is that you get to play in small venues that can’t accommodate big bands and crowds and so on. Often, you play way outside of the city and everything is very “professional” and impersonal. Le Violon Dingue is in a tiny little street in Nantes in the center and was an old theatre during the war. Very cool, very well laid out and staffed by very kind, generous, gracious and, well, nice, people. And we have a french feast! Whole chickens, tons of vegetables and bread and wine. I’m not even sure I can figure out a way to be unhealthy… oh, wait, I know. Beer. So here we are, in a very cool bar, meeting very cool people and getting to actually experience the city. I like it! and I like the band we are playing with: DAN!
update: no fights tonight.

Blue Monday
Good Morning!
Le Havre church
Sun's out
Out of Time
Le Mont!
Lazy Afternoon
Le Violon Dingue
Tonight's Menu
Puking Machine
Food Festival
Le Dingue au Violon
Any questions?
Ciao Nantes!

4 thoughts on “Nantes at Le Violon Dingue”

  1. Hi, sorry nobody recognize The Misfits yesterday in Lyon… even me. People in France don’t really listen both Punk rock and what we used to call “noise” music. I didn’t know that Misfits song, so i had to remember the lyrics and find the correspondance on the internet, what a shame… anyway your version was really great as your performance too. I’ve seen GVSB in Lyon with Evil Superstars few years ago and was really happy to see you again yesterday, i wasn’t there first time at sonic but a lot of people told me it was excellent, as people from st etienne told me the same. Have a nice tour, i hope the toothache will last. Good luck guys ! and girl.

    1. Hey thanks for coming to the show in Lyon-the misfits cover is just something we started doing recently. Very fun and a great song, so I’m glad we can help spread their word. The toothache is full on now! hospital time!

  2. Hi,
    I loved this show. I already saw you in Nantes two years ago at the Spoutnick bar (maybe you remember Loic, the barman) which unfortunately is closed now, and I definitevely felt in love with Paramount Syles.
    I’m sad about the lack of places for bands to play in this town and wish long life both to the Violon Dingue and to Paramount Syles !

    1. We definitely remember Loic-we had a great time at his bar. The Violon Dingue was great-thanks for coming. It’s a cool venue and the people are great. A good night for all, I think!

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