Not one Iota in Murska Sobota

Today is the last show of this magical mystery tour and we are heading to Murska Sobota to play in “an old castle.” We’ve played here before and we were very excited to play a castle. It is, however, not really a castle. More like a big government building or perhaps someone’s big ass house at some point. Or a school. I don’t know, what, I’m supposed to ask about these things? Anyway, the last time we played here Scott jokingly said, “I’ve seen better castles…” Which is funny because a. it’s a dickish thing to say and b. we are from america so we don’t see any castles. None. But the audience rose the occasion immediately and someone yelled out, “I’ve seen better bands!” which has got to be one of the best heckles I’ve heard in a long time. Well played, sir!!
We are playing with Werefox tonight, the debut of the new band of Melanie from Psycho-Path. Scott will sing a song with her and the cameras will roll. The people here are very nice and treat us to some local cuisine and homemade wine, which we, of course, drink like it’s water.
Tonight we end the tour with a traditional dance party and alcohol freakout and then we scatter to the four corners of the world like cockroaches caught when you turn on the kitchen light. We had a great time, we hope everyone else did and we will be back to bother you again. Have no fear.

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