Paramount Styles at Boskovice Festival

Well, you heard here first… or second… or third… or you just heard it somewhere and now you’re hearing it again. Hear this: Paramount Styles is playing on Friday, July 6 at the Boskovice Festival in the Czech Republic. Fly, Swim, Walk, Run, Ride a Bike, Hitch a Ride (careful of psychos or carfull of psychos, it’s up to you), go get a helicopter or take a kayak (thanks Celine Dion ) and just get there. It’s going to be fun, assuming you remember any of it. Actually, that doesn’t even matter. The Chief, the man, Mr. Scott Mccloud will be performing with special guests. Take it in, enjoy the sun and say hi to everyone you see. Spread the love. Spread the wealth. God dammit, just go.
Here’s some more information.

Festival for the Masses

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