Flight to Niort

Plenty of fighting and drinking at the end of last night made for a very interesting evening. I don’t what is happening that seems to be following us… maybe it’s a full moon that brings out the “I’m so drunk I want to fight somebody anybody” folks. Anyway, we awake and the chaos is behind us, thankfully. No… wait… it’s not. Our van is gone.
Yes, yawn, our van has either been towed or stolen. I prefer to think it has been towed since there are no thieves in Lorient, only people who like to fight. Oh, wait, there are thieves everywhere. So we head with our friend JB to the police station where they eye us warily as wanton criminals and, indeed, our van has been towed. Phew. That is the better of the two options. After a particularly jarring morning ride around town we retrieve the van from the impound lot. People who have been up quite late carousing don’t always make the best morning drivers but it beats walking…though I suppose walking beats death. Rochimbeau!
Paperwork behind us, we drive through some, again, beautiful countryside to get to Niort. Niort is the home of insurance agencies in France and therefore a pretty important economic engine for the country. It’s also a pretty nice little city. They have canals, castles, steep narrow little streets and cognac. Our friend Eric has arranged our show tonight outside at a little restaurant facing a canal and the castle and a bunch of french people. It’s sunny, warm and it’s a lazy sunday. I could think of worse things to do than relaxing in a little café facing a canal and an old castle in the sun. Wait, how about a delicious meal and some wine with that? Oh, how about some champagne too? When people say, “wahhhh, touring is hard…. wahhhh….” this is not the part they are talking about.

For Real
Niort Donjon
Niort City Hall
All Styles
Niort Market
Niort Donjon
Poster du Jour
Niort Downtown

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