Lorient with Tax Station

Our kind hosts, David and Sylvie, rescue us from the horrors of city life, transporting us way out into the country to stay in their circa 1520 farmhouse. We are treated to peace and quiet, stars, homemade jam and a whole lot of green nature stuff. It’s terrifying, frankly.
After a typical stroll through the french countryside to inspect our horses and pastures, we hit the road for Lorient. Pretty everyday stuff for us, you know? Strolling through the french countryside, eating croissants, home made jam, tilting at windmills; all pretty much a daily routine at this point. But Lorient is different! About 95% of Lorient was destroyed during the war as this was/is a pretty major port town. Last time we were here we found this massive submarine base that was heavily bombed but virtually unharmed since it was built of about 120,070,003 meters of concrete. That’s a lot. But all of that is forgotten now as we search the city and find only McDonalds, H&M, Monoprix, Converse store, Levis store, etc etc. and a massive cconcrete cathedral by Jean Baptiste Hourlier.
Being back at Le Galion is like being home again. Everyone is here and we wait outside with the stench of dead fish as they wrap up a journalist forum/interview/competition inside the venue. Then we get down to business: fighting!
It seems Paramount Styles has become the Corrosion of Conformity of lite acoustic rock. Somebody got the message we were hard and heavy, lean and mean and that we take no prisoners! I think they might want to go back and reread the fax.

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